ARTIFICIAL is a physics based first-person puzzle platformer inspired by Portal & Half-Life series. Interact with the environment, pick up and throw objects, sneak around enemies, control intricate physics-based mechanisms and learn how to survive in the underground colony of asteroid 2031 XT.

It goes without saying that something in the colony went terribly wrong. You as a player, will be thrown in the middle of events, which will gradually reveal more and more about the world around you.

There are many obstacles and traps you will encounter on your journey several thousand meters underground. Some of them more intelligent than the others.


  • Progress through 3-5 hours of original story.
  • Run, jump, climb and crawl through dozens of handcrafted environments.
  • Solve physics based puzzles.
  • Interact with your surroundings by pushing, pulling, carrying and throwing almost any object you can find!
  • Maneuver around lasers, hide from turrets and sneak around your enemies!