My workshop creation for a funny indie game called “Paint the Town Red“, is one of the most popular maps of this week! It even appears between the most popular maps of the last 3 months, even though it’s out only for 8 days. I’m really glad to see, that my designing skills are applicable in various areas.

You can check out the map for yourself here: Pirate Caves – Part 1

City Climber 1.05 – New Content!

Hey guys!

City Climber was released two months ago.
I’ve managed to create a version for Linux and Mac, and also release several patches in the meantime.

Now it’s time for the first content update! 🙂
Version 1.05 contains two new challenge modes/minigames containing 30+ minutes of new, originall gameplay.

Fall Hazard
-Balance your body on various props and don’t fall down.

Broken Space
-Fall through the floating debris and hit the cardboard boxes below.

+30 minutes of new gameplay content
+Two new hats and new achievements

-Corrected typos in level descriptions
-Fixed bug where you could grab floating boxes at the end of stage 13
-Added camera movement to “Step by Step” challenge mode
-Improved party mode

Make sure to reach out to me, in case you run into some issues.

Preparing for the Release

Hey guys!

I just want to post a quick update about City Climber. I was working really hard for the past week  to make everything ready for the release. I put together a new trailer, images and game description for the Steam Store page. So make sure to check these out.

I`m also reaching out to various youtubers and first gameplay videos are slowly appearing, so if you are a content creator – make sure to get in touch with me via email, or request a key directly on KeyMailer.

City Climber is being released this Friday (24th) !

Also, check out this link, if you would like to see graphics/design comparison between actual version of the game, and the old greenligh trailer.