City Climber

City Climber on Steam


City Climber is a silly physics-based game about climbing and finding your way through various environments. Progress through the story or enjoy funny challenges filled with falling and destruction.


  • Find your way through 14 levels filled with various obstacles.
  • Unlock new customizations for your character.
  • Compare your level times with friends and other players through integrated Steam Leaderboards!

Local Co-Op – Two players

  • Play through the story with a friend and test your coordination.
  • Control a cubical robo-climber with differently colored arms.
  • Each player has control of only one arm!


  • Each challenge mode contains 10 levels to play through:
  • Step by Step – Use your environment to successfuly roll down the stairs.
  • Leap of Faith – Jump from a crane and hit the target area below.
  • Crazy Carts – Ride vehicles propelled by fire extinguishers and make it to finish.
  • Fall Hazard – Balance your body on various props and don’t fall down.
  • Broken Space – Fall through the floating debris and hit the cardboard boxes below.

Party Mode

  • Local turn-based multiplayer for up to 4 players.
  • Compete against each other in set of randomly selected challenges!